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Information 27.08.2020.

Dear Partners,


As we have already informed you, due to an operational incident happened on 29th July 2020, the second gantry crane of the Terminal has been temporarily removed, so currently the service is provided by a gantry crane in addition to our rechstackers.

In order to minimize the unexpected failures and avoid technical problems, 6 hours crane maintenance will be introduced once a week from the 36. week.

Due to planning reasons the works will take place on Wednesdays between 07:00 a.m – 01:00 p.m. During this period the service with crane will be suspended, so within this time interval containers positioned under the crane track area cannot be picked up.

Services from other areas of the Terminal (drop off/pick up)  are handled by our reachstackers, road arriving drop offs, depot related traffics and all other services are provided in this way.


Thank you for your kind understanding and cooperation.


The above measure is valid until revoked.