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Information 09.04.2021

Dear Partner,  


We would like to inform you that as of April 10th 2021, we are beginning the reconstruction/reassembly of our crane #2 at the terminal, that we expect to be completed by mid-summer. 

In connection with the upcoming reassembly, please, expect some traffic and area restrictions.  

The reconstruction work exclusively takes place at the end positions of crane's rail-tracks, therefore, to ensure road traffic located underneath the crane, a temporary roundabout lane will be developed. Road traffic will be able to exit the premises via the two-way passageway and in this road-section a 5 km/h speed restriction will be in place.  


Our Terminal will make every effort to provide continuous service during the works.


Please, also inform your subcontractors/road hauliers about the changes.


Thank you for your kind cooperation and patience.