Rail Cargo Terminal – BILK Ltd. (Budapest Intermodal Logistics Center) is situated in the heart of Central- Eastern Europe, where the Trans European Lines (TEN) crosses each others. This is a great opportunity for the logistic center to be the main turning point at this area.

Rail Cargo Terminal – BILK Ltd. is located at a 100-hectare area in the XXIII. district of Budapest between the 5. main road, the Budapest-Kelebia electrified railway line, and the M0 highway. On 10% of the total area of BILK there is Soroksár-Terminal railway station which is the marshalling-yard of the logistic centre. On 20% there's the Rail Cargo Terminal – BILK Ltd. which can provide complex services for combined traffic, and on the remaining 70% the BILK Logistics Pte.Co. can offer real estate rental services.

Direct connection facility form M0 motorway, and the railway shunting yard connected to the electrified railway line provides the good reach of the terminal by road and rail. In addition to the excellent road and railway connections, water and air transport possibilities are also available nearby.

The terminal can be easily reached by car and truck from the M0 highway, by public transport by BKV bus number 66 on schedule and by train through the Soroksar Railway Terminal.