KKD integration

Dear Partners,


As we have already informed you Rail Cargo Terminal -BILK Zrt. (RCT-BILK) has acquired 100 percent ownership in Kelenföld Konténer Depo Kft (KKD). The integration process was completed on 31st July, the termination of Kelenföld Konténer Depo Kft. was officially registered by the court. KKD is now under the control of RCT-BILK, does not perform any separate activity. Areas merge while the internal borders disappear. Currently the entry of the empty units is available only through the depot gate of RCT-BILK from the parking area.

The drop off and release instructions regarding the empty containers can be sent to our forwarding administrators on working days between 6:00 AM and 5:30 PM via email:  szallitmanyozas.rct.bilk@railcargo.com.  If you face with any other operational issues, please contact Mr Zoltán Zádorvölgyi at zoltan.zadorvolgyi@railcargo.com or at +36 20 211 9072.

Regarding sales, you can turn to Mr Viktor Lippai at viktor.lippai@railcargo.com.


Rail Cargo Terminal – BILK Ltd.

Integration of Kelenföld Konténer Depo

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