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Dear Partners,

Hereby we would kindly like to inform you, that as of 27th August 2018 a comprehensive crane-maintenance is going to take place on Rail Cargo Terminal-BILK.  The maintenance period is expected to last for three months, during which period in some occasions only one crane will be able to operate. During this period the service time on the terminal may increase. Please inform your partners, subcontractors accordingly. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Thank you for your kind understanding and cooperation!

Rail Cargo Terminal-BILK Ltd.

KKD integration

Dear Partners,


As we have already informed you Rail Cargo Terminal -BILK Zrt. (RCT-BILK) has acquired 100 percent ownership in Kelenföld Konténer Depo Kft (KKD). The integration process was completed on 31st July, the termination of Kelenföld Konténer Depo Kft. was officially registered by the court. KKD is now under the control of RCT-BILK, does not perform any separate activity. Areas merge while the internal borders disappear. Currently the entry of the empty units is available only through the depot gate of RCT-BILK from the parking area.

The drop off and release instructions regarding the empty containers can be sent to our forwarding administrators on working days between 6:00 AM and 5:30 PM via email:  szallitmanyozas.rct.bilk@railcargo.com.  If you face with any other operational issues, please contact Mr Zoltán Zádorvölgyi at zoltan.zadorvolgyi@railcargo.com or at +36 20 211 9072.

Regarding sales, you can turn to Mr Viktor Lippai at viktor.lippai@railcargo.com.


Rail Cargo Terminal – BILK Ltd.

Maintenance works 07.07.2018-08.07.2018.

Dear Partners,


Hereby we would kindly like to inform you, that from 2 p.m. 7th July 2018 till 6 a.m. 8th July 2018 due to maintenance works the rail and road service of the Terminal will be suspended.


Thank you for your kind understanding.

Track closure 26-28.05.2018.

Dear Partners,


According to the information received from MÁV Zrt. Traffic Directorate we are forced to calculate with the possibility of some railway delays because of track closure at the following times:


  • between Soroksár and Soroksár Terminál stations between 26th May and 28th May 2018 from 00:00 AM till 04:00 AM,
  • on Soroksár-Kunszentmiklós-Tass line section continuously from 01:20 AM 26th May 2018 till 02:30 AM 28th May 2018.


Thank you for your kind undrestanding and patience in advance.

Integration of Kelenföld Konténer Depo.